What is a Scary Escape Room?

If you want to hit your nerves, diversify your routine life, throw out all your fears, and relax together with your friends, then we advise you to try a horror themed escape room. This is a relatively new phenomenon, and it is much more emotive and saturated than a regular escape room and other types of horror entertainment. You will not be hit with electric shock and left in a room with insects. This is an experience built on a series of psychological methods, which makes even the toughest jump up and down with every disturbance.

When we talk about the horror escape room, we do not mean only the creepy scenery and theme of the rooms, connected with otherworldly phenomena and horrors. The most important thing here is the atmosphere and your immersion. It is the atmosphere that makes you immerse into the desired world, allowing your imagination alone to scare you. The formula is quite simple. Music and scenery set the tone, the actors make everything much more realistic and dynamic, and puzzles and tests move the game ahead, putting you in a difficult position and forcing you to seek a way out. Of course, our scary escape room is for small teams, where the result depends on your joint actions. The fact that you have very little time and no one guarantees you the successful completion of the game makes you constantly seek for solutions and focus on what is happening. It is important to remain vigilant as there may be an unfriendly presence lurking in the darkness, listening to your every word. Anything can happen here, and in addition to using your special skills and intellect, you will need to overcome your fears by making a step into the darkness.

In this case, you should not be afraid, or rather, you should, but not for your life and health - we closely monitor what is happening and are always ready to help. If we see players are afraid, we can slightly lower the degree of fear. Everything we do is for your optimal entertainment so that you could scream and enthusiastically celebrate your salvation after the end of the game.

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