Puzzle Escape Room

Why do escape rooms + horror work better than just horror?

If it became difficult to surprise or frighten you, you have probably visited quite a lot of haunted houses and watched a lot of horror films. However, in our experience, even people like you will be afraid and get a huge boost of energy from passing our horror escape room. And that is largely thanks to its puzzle component.

Escape rooms have become widespread in the USA. In Europe and in some countries of Asia this format of entertainment has reached a tremendous scale. The trend in many ways represents the transition from online entertainment to offline ones, and is associated with the desire to break away from the sofa or computer and to embark on a real adventure with friends. Usually, small groups are formed, which greatly increases the immersion and contributes to the close and proper formation of teams. In order for everyone to fulfill their potential and help the team, the riddles are distributed in such a way as to involve different players’ skills. Limited time creates pressure on the players and makes them focus on solving puzzles. The result depends on you. If your team does not cope with the tasks in the allotted time, you lose in the game. Largely due to this, an hour or half an hour provided for the puzzle escape room makes time fly.

Now imagine if the escape room format is crossed with a haunted house and immersive theatre. What if we add dark atmosphere, acting, team work, a closed universe with limited time, and focus on solving puzzles. You will not have much time to idly look around, except to look at the door because SOMETHING may be lurking there. It is hard to deal with complex problems in such an atmosphere. Even the simplest task will seem much more difficult.

What we have created at Escapade Games is unlike any other game in the U.S. To know what it truly is you must experience for yourself. Come to us, you won't regret it.

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