What is a live escape room?

What is a live escape room? This type of entertainment is relatively new, but it gained immense popularity literally from the first days. Today such games may be found in many countries, including the United States.

The main sources of inspiration for creating this kind of entertainment were computer games. A small group of people from Japan decided, quite logically, that people were tired of virtual reality, of sitting at computers and using gadgets, and would not mind becoming direct participants in various entertainments. And since games that involve finding items and completeing quests can captivate anyone, the choice was obvious.

The first plots were escaping from a prison, a secret laboratory, etc. That’s when players were put into difficult conditions, and the scenery was very natural. However, over the years of development, organizers of quest rooms have approached the issue of rooms’ arrangement even more seriously. The atmosphere of the room can bring the man into another time and location, and create genuine feelings.

Today live escape room means not only getting out of a locked room. There are games in which one has to rob a safe, or there are games with actors inside. Therefore, players have a lot of weekend entertainments to choose from.

Distinctive features of live escape rooms include the following:

  • In the rooms, there are hints that allow solving puzzles;
  • There are linear and non-linear plots. In the first case, getting to the next puzzle requires solving the current one. In the second case, hints may be anywhere, and you can leave the room without solving all puzzles;
  • The plots may be intended for various target audiences – only adults or only children, or universal variants where you can take children along with you;
  • The number of players varies, the minimum is 2 persons, as playing solo may be boring. The maximum number depends on the room itself and on the plot - it may be 6 or even 10 persons;
  • The plots are numerous and various, their number is constantly growing. The plot may be inspired by movies, games, books, or just by imagination of the organizers.

One should also remember that playing a live escape room is only entertainment, no matter how natural the atmosphere may seem. Surely, the scenery, the sound effects, appearance of various characters may distract from the puzzles, especially when time is running out. But don't worry. You will be let out of the room anyway. At least to let the next team in.

Come to the game in a cheerful and positive mood. Your state determines your emotions after the game. Bad mood is not a proper companion. Aim for victory, but don’t get upset if you don't win. Focus on the process, passion and interest, and you will definitely get them!

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