For those who love the feeling of total immersion

Escape rooms that are popular today appeared thanks to computer games. Those who once played RPG should remember that it was necessary to pass some rooms/dungeons/buildings. And not only pass, but complete the series of tasks to get a part of the key to be used for opening the door from the room. However sitting at the screen of a PC, one cannot feel the real experience, and immerse into the atmosphere of the quest. And it's quite another thing if it happens live!

Escape rooms are stylized for a certain genre. Most often, the horror genre is used, where the atmosphere is constantly escalated with the use of decor, and sometimes special sounds. This not only creates the required atmosphere, but also diverts the players' attention, thus significantly complicating their tasks. But otherwise, the game would not be so exciting!

Feeling the sensation of complete immersion, players get a whole range of various emotions. Such recreation will become truly unfogetable, regardless of the end of the game. That is why such entertainment has become widespread over the world, and is loved by people of any age.

What does one need to pass all the quests, and get out of the room? First of all, players need attentiveness, ingenuity, and cleverness. The success often depends on the presence of well-developed intuition. And most important, one should have strong nerves, and not lose his mind in the most difficult situations. This is a real challenge for those who are not afraid of difficulties, and are always ready for bold solutions. Time limitation also aggravates the situation. In most games 60 minutes are given for completing the tasks; and during this time one has to solve all puzzles and find the exit.

On the one hand, it seems not that difficult. In reality, one will find out what he will encounter only after he gets into the quest room. Only after the players have the door closed behind them, they will experience the feeling of complete immersion. Here it is important not to lose one's mind, and start acting immediately, because the clock is ticking!

Who are these games for? Basically, for everyone. There are quest rooms for adults with a more oppressive atmosphere and challenging puzzles. There are versions for children, where the puzzles are simpler, and are meant for children's quick-wittedness, and have a less intimidating entourage. The number of participants may vary, depending on the game. You can come to the quest with a friend, or in a company of 5 to 6 people. Remember that success depends on every participant, and teamwork is very important.

Another surprise that awaits the players is an active personality playing against them. Yeah, sure, you won't be alone in the quest room, the main villain and his assistants will appear occasionally. Will you be able to cope with your fear, restrain from panic, and continue dispassionately solving the puzzles? It depends only on you and cooperation of all players. And if you are ready to test your strength, go ahead!

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