Fun Things to Do in Southern California

If you are looking for fun things to do with family or friends in Southern California, don’t miss out on the chance of experiencing an escape room!

Although real life escape rooms have appeared relatively recently they have come a long way. This kind of entertainment is able to give you intense and unparalleled emotions. Since the industry emerged, there have been several generations of escape rooms. These have transformed from simple rooms with a lot of puzzles to atmospheric performances where you are the main character. Real life escape rooms of the last generation have been phenomonal in terms of production quality, but without the use of actors. In a real life escape room, you are the main character. The game stream becomes the plot. Is an escape room a movie or a game?

Let's talk about the Southern California market of escape rooms. California is the capital of cinematography, but few people know that Los Angeles is also one of the most saturated places in the U.S. in terms of escape rooms. Almost two hundred escape rooms are concentrated in LA as of July 2018. In addition, according to market participants, there are many strong rooms in the U.S. at level among them. It's hard to tell why it happens this way. Perhaps, many people in Southern California are involved in the entertainment industry, there is expertise and the desire to open new formats. However, escape rooms have a unique opportunity to become one of the best things to do in Southern California due to the increasing technological advance and focus on the storyline. Escape rooms are prevalent throughout the U.S., but thanks to the influence of L.A.'s innovation and design, are particularly strong in Southern California.

The most advanced escape rooms have become extremely offbeat both from the standpoint of technology and from the standpoint of storylines. Imagine that the movie industry suddenly turned into a small business and now thousands of companies compete in the market – can you imagine the diversity and opportunities? Of course, not all products in this market will be diamonds, but in a market with the genre borders still being shaped you can find something really worthwhile and unique.

Escape rooms are at the core, group entertainment. But so is going to the movies. However, unlike going to the movies it requires you to maximize interaction with each other and to work as a team. It is extremely difficult and sometimes even impossible for a single person to escape from the room. It is not without a reason that real life escape rooms are now becoming very popular as corporate entertainment among many other fun things to do.

How we stand apart in the wide market of escape rooms is we actively introduce and use technologies, automation, and acting. Try it and you won't regret.

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