Will you be able to escape the room after solving all puzzles?

Escape room games appeared as computer games where one had to perform certain actions to get the key to get out of a locked room. The player had to solve all or most puzzles, and only after that he had the possibility to get out of the room. Various objects in the room helped solve the puzzles. The player had to figure out how to use them to solve the puzzles.

Not long ago, the Japanese decided to transfer such escape games into the real world from the virtual world. Surprisingly, the idea seemed doomed to fail at the very beginning. No one could imagine that such kind of entertainment would find fans not only in Japan, but in many other countries, too. However, the fact remains that now escape room games have gained immense popularity.

Why do escape games fascinate people? First of all, everyone can feel like a personality in an interesting story, fully immerse into the atmosphere, and feel unforgettable emotions. In the second place, one can test his skills, check out his wit, ingenuity, and attention. These are the qualities that a player needs to become a winner in the game. In the third place, such games are intended for several people, it is an excellent opportunity to get united, test the team spirit, and learn to work in a team. And given the fact that some quests are based on well-known movies or computer games, you will become a participant of your favorite story.

Escape games also let you have special time. Tired of going to the movies, bowling, or rock climbing, and usual get-togethers in cafes and bars have become boring? In this case, passing quests, where one has to escape the room, is an excellent way of diversifying your leisure time. You can participate either with your lovey, or in a company of your friends. Besides if you don't know how to celebrate a birthday in a special way, a visit to an escape room will help you!

Every player, once in a locked room, feels certain discomfort and panic. But don't worry, the organizers will let you out in any case. However, it is best to rely on your own efforts, and try to solve all puzzles yourself to open the door to freedom. Don't give up if something doesn't work: the solution may be in a most unexpected place. So be attentive!

In some games, participation of other characters is possible, whose task is to distract the players, aggravate the atmosphere, and make the players nervous. Well, only the strongest and cold-blooded will be able to stand out here. If you are ready to accept the challenge, you won't regret it, after leaving the room you will have the brightest emotions from both the horror, and the long-awaited victory.

Most games last 60 minutes. Therefore, once the door is closed behind you, do not waste time. Start solving the puzzles immediately. Inspect the room, and think what might help you, touch and check all objects. Any of them may hide a hint. Everything depends on you, and this fact is an undoubted advantage of escape room games!

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