Escape Rooms as Team Building Events

In today’s life, daily routine can become stressful and monotonous. Work can feel tedious and demanding. While at work we most often act as a well-working unit. Team building plays a key role in company productivity. To shake up the routine of team building exercises, escape rooms give colleagues the chance to work cohesively together in a fun and exciting way. There are many kinds of team building experiences. But none are so effective as bringing a team together for the one-of-a-kind experience that only an escape room can provide. Escape rooms are an unforgettable experience and can become the foundation for further excursions.

Imagine… you are part of the story. You find yourself in the house of a crazy man and a girl who has tragically died.Or are you participating in a strange experiment? The secrets of these stories will be revealed as you play along…Just imagine something strange has happened. The scary room, sounds, strange images ... a man wielding an axe ... and the understanding that you have very little time to survive. Is there anything more important than survival? Accepting reality is your only hope to get out of this place. Your attentiveness and intellect are the main tools to help you succeed. It is not easy to find the way out alone. Building a successful team is the best way to soar to success. The environment is made so that only people with different mindsets would be able to fulfill it successfully.

The essence of our quests is not only in solving puzzles, but also in the ability to overcome oneself, to enjoy the solution of riddles, to build teamwork, and the opportunity to scream one’s heart out!

Therefore, it is important to remember several rules in order to get the most out of the experience:

  • Relax and focus on what is happening around you. If you are scared you can always hide behind a friend!
  • Do not drink alcohol. The experience is best enjoyed in a clear state of mind.
  • Our guests often like to debrief at any of the many cafes and restaurants within an easy walking distance.

Some of the experiences we offer…

Zoe-a horror experience with actors! An abandoned house, a mysterious presence, and an Uncle with a mission… You won’t be beaten with electric shock and hunted by dogs, but it will be a haunting experience.

The Last Experiment- a sci-fi experience with a twist. In this game you have agreed to participate in an experiment with your own role and goals. You have an objective known only to you. But what is this really all about?

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