Escape Rooms - Fun Family Activity

Have you wondered how to spend a free evening? Is there an unusual, fun, and useful way to spend time together as a family?

Visit our escape room! An escape room experience for the whole family is probably one of the best family fun activities. You will work together as a team and become immersed in an unusual universe, overcome problems together, and find solutions for difficult situations. Groups of all ages can succeed. Your observations and wits matter more than extensive knowledge and experience.

While attempting to solve puzzles, it is incredibly exciting to run and hide from monsters, (like in ZOE,) or to participate in intrigue, (as in THE LAST EXPERIMENT.) Imagine seeing how your relatives will react in these unusual situations!

Please keep in mind that some of the games we have are limited to 16+. Our family escape rooms include elements of horror that would frighten even the most experienced horror enthusiast!

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