For those who already have some experience in escaping a room

Currently, escape games attract people around the world. And it is no surprise, because such entertainment provides unforgettable emotions, from panic and horror in a locked room to the triumph and joy of the victory. Every year organizers of such games come up with new and more twisted plots; decorate the rooms in the utmost details to give the players the sense of reality. Moreover, some games imply participation of an actor in the role of a villain, who will by all means interfere with the participants, and prevent them from focusing on solving the tasks.

What can players get from a live escape room experience? Well, it's a whole range of feelings and adventure! During the game you will be able to:

  • Feel genuine emotions – fear, panic, Joy, feeling of success and victory;
  • Have fun;
  • Get vivid memories about the time spent;
  • If you play as a team, passing escape rooms will unite you, and make you real friends;
  • Check your wits, stamina, strong nerves, and intuition.

The most important thing about it is that even if you lose, you will still have positive emotions, and you will have something to tell your friends about.

What should you do if you already have certain experience in such events? Don't worry! The organizers will always come up with something new that you have not experienced yet. Each escape room differs not only in its genre, but also in puzzles, the settings, and the storyline. And given the variety of such games, you will never get bored, and may become a regular visitor of quest rooms.

Having some escape room experience, you will surely know that even in the case of a defeat, you will not remain locked, and they will let you out. Therefore, if there are newcomers in your team, you will be able to calm them down. However, it is always much more interesting to get out yourself, without the help of the organizers.

In choosing the game, one should make sure that it fits all participants, that is, one has to take into account the age and the interests of his friends. The horror genre may not always be appreciated by children, who might get scared of the too realistic atmosphere. In the same manner, too easy puzzles for children might be boring for adults and teenagers. The second criterion to be used for the choice is the number of players. There are games for two participants with fewer puzzles, and a company of 4-5 people will solve them too quickly, meaning that they won't get the excitement and pleasure. Quest rooms for large companies will not fit a pair of players, because it will be much more difficult for two people to cope with all the tasks. The third criterion is straightforwardness of the plot. There are variants of games where it is necessary to resolve the puzzles one by one, passing from one to another– it is an excellent variant for fans of detective stories, who love to methodically and consistently approach their goal. A non-straightforward plot implies getting hints at any moment, which makes the game more active and interesting, with the most unexpected twists.

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