Best escape room: what you should know to have fun

Want to spend your time in a special way? You are tired of trivialities and monotony? In this case, you should definitely look at the best escape rooms offered by our company. Here you are guaranteed to leave the commonness, and to experience a whole range of emotions! It is a real challenge for true fans of passion, logical riddles and triumphs.

Is it possible to complete an escape room being a newbie? Sure it is! Just follow certain rules, and you will be the winner.

Rule One: 'Don’t Panic!' It is the panic that people face when they are locked in a room for the first time. Don't be afraid, you are not in danger, and you have quite enough time for solving all puzzles on your way to freedom. Sure, the countdown can be a nuisance, especially when precious minutes are ticking away, but if you don't panic, you will have time for everything.

Rule Two: 'Teamwork'. If you visit the best escape room in a company, don't forget about each member of the team. Every participant, regardless of his/her age, can find a solution to a seemingly very complicated puzzle, and find a key to the mystery. So do not neglect the opinion of other players even if they are much younger than you are.

Rule Three: 'Your Intelligence Is Your Only Weapon'. You can win only using your intelligence. However, you will have to be very careful, and notice all details. But you will certainly not succeed without attempts to use logics to complete the task. As to physical efforts, they are not allowed here, since primarily, it is an intellectual game.

Rule Four: 'It Is Just a Game, a Break From the Routine". Therefore, don't worry if something goes wrong. Anyway, you will get out of the room in the end without losing anything. So keep calm, and better save the raging feeling of excitement for your next visit. You have come here to relax, and it is therefore the process itself that matters, not the result.

Rule Five: 'Forget About Groupthinks And Standards'. If we used only standard puzzles known to everyone, the best escape rooms would have long ceased to be the best. What is the interest in solving easy puzzles? You can't feel like a winner! Easy victories are quickly forgotten, and interest in such amusement will fade away very soon.

Rule Six: 'Choose the Games That Will Interest Both You And All Other Participants'. For example, an escape room that has been created based on a movie or a video game of a particular category. It is hardly worth taking children to a horror room; likewise, adults are not expected to feel excited about visiting an escape room room for children.

And finally, Always Remain Positive And Optimistic. Following this recommendation will let you really feel the atmosphere of the game, and appreciate difficulty of the puzzles. In this case, you are most likely to visit another escape room once again, or advise it to your friends.

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